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I'm Yulia Sokolova

Hi, I am Yulia. I am a UX Designer located in New York City. I was born in the wilderness of Siberia and fascinated by people's stories.

I am a real design head with an entrepreneurial mind, a strong advocate for empathy, creativity, and building delightful experiences and products that people love to use.

On my way to becoming immersed in user experience design, I have worked in fashion, education, and startup business development disciplines. One thing that keeps inspiring me is a happy customer, a problem solved, and business growth as a result.
The UX field perfectly combines these essential elements. I thrive, bringing human factors into digital space.

Let's design!


On my way to UX I always thrived working with people. I liked "whys” and “hows” behind decision making and product use. “Do I buy this shirt? Do I click this button?”. I am a true design head with an entrepreneurial mindset and diverse design background in technology, education, and fashion.

UX Designer
Content & Strategy
Nov 2018 — present
Education Consultant
Nov 2017 — present
Product Designer
Brand Development
Team Management
Sep 2013 — Feb 2020


UX/ UI Design
Associates in Art
Gibbs College
Fashion Design
Bachelor of Arts
Kemerovo State University
Linguistics and Education
when i am not working...
i am
  • Teaching Russian language
  • Learning to tango
  • Styling people and spaces
  • Nothing, it is hard

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