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We all know that spending years in a classroom trying to learn a foreign language usually yields little to no results.  Often, both students and teachers end up disappointed and discouraged to learn and teach again.

What Lingua.Live does
It adds a missing ingredient into language learning - a native-speaker,  available 24/7.
It motivates to learn a language by speaking it.
It creates interactive lessons and homework.
It shows progress in an easy way.
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My roles

The testing started in December 2018. The project became the priority due to the sudden spike in online education during the times of the Coronavirus in 2020.

Design Roles
UX Research
UX Design
Competitive Analysis
User Research
User Interviews
User Testing
User Flows
Content Creation
Design Team
Agile design approach
Remote international team
Tested with 100+ users
Created content

Extra Points
Ran an online business with the use of Lingua.Live
Used my Linguistics Degree




Easy smart flashcards
Vocabulary building


Gets fast results and
Sense of progress

Google Translate

Quick translation
Pronunciation practice

Rosetta Stone

Good visual design
Feels like a game

I researched the most popular and effective language-learning programs on the market today. They all have the same goal, but have different strongest points. Here they are:

What I learned

Conversations are spontaneous
Dialog does not follow a scenario
Students lack real-time conversation practice
It is hard to find a quality tutor fast

What I wanted to do

Fulfill the need to practice speaking a language with a native speaker in real-time, anytime and anywhere.

User Research

User Research Results

To understand users, I became a foreign language teacher and a student myself.
In total, I taught over 200 students both online and in-person and interviewed 10 teachers and 40 students.


Dedicated to learn
Willing to pay
Busy professionals
Have foreign family  
Want to further career
Travel frequently


See results quickly
More conversing
Less grammar
Sense of progress
Structured plan
Real-life conversations
Practice with speakers


Scared of speaking
Lack of practice
Too many sources
Irrelevant content
Cramming before class
No sense of progress

Who the users are

Gender: 70% female / 30% male
Age: 87% is 23-36      

Target audience

College graduates
Multilingual families
Multilingual couples


Adam, 28

IT engineer
First generation American
His family is from Russia
In a relationship with a Russian


Communicate in Russian
Keep family traditions


Learn about culture
Speak the language


Understands Russian
Can’t speak Russian
Intimidated to learn
Afraid of speaking

Ellie, 36

Fashion company owner
Travels for business frequently
50% of her co-workers are Chinese
Has to travel to remote factories in China

Increase her sales
To be a good leader


Successful business
Understand the culture


How to start?
Intimidated of speaking
No time for a classroom
Learning on-the-go

Improve Existing

The initial prototype lacked visual consistency, had confusing navigation, and overall looked complex.
My goal was to make the navigation easy, simplify user flows, and create a consistent visual style.

The most important user scenarios were:
quickly create content
easily find content
check progress

I started with simplifying existing wireframes.


Usability Tests

As the platform grew, it was time to differentiate it by adding new features:
Importing content from Quizlet
Free interactive content creation

Advanced task creation possibilities include
Multiple choice
Fill in the blanks
Vocabulary lists
Audio vocabulary


Usability Solutions

After testing the platform in a classroom, I sent a weekly recap of solutions on improving
See comments example

Usability Solutions


The platform

Is used by MIT professors and students
Is used by language teachers and students worldwide
Is being constantly tested to improve user experience
Has an App in both App and Google Play stores

What now

I personally use the platform on daily basis to improve usability
It is being used by both students and teachers, worldwide


The CEO of DecisionMapper and I are pitching the platform to multiple language schools in the USA.


In early 2020, in the times of coronavirus, the demand in online education, including language learning, grew rapidly.
Lingua.Live offered free language classes during the international quarantine. From having 8 paid customers in August 2019, Lingua.Live is used internationally by hundreds of teachers and students now.

My roles are
ideate new features
improve usability

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